The Craft of Fucking Seminar: Part 2

The Craft of Fucking – Part 2.

(Date: TBD)

Special Guest Star – Miss Liv.  My goddess of nasty, my sweet lover.  If only the female half of the planet could just learn her magic!

Not a live sex show, sorry!  But damn near it.

Both your sex skills and your cold approach game will benefit immensely.

Greg and the jaw dropping Liv, demonstrate verbal role playing that might arouse you more than all of the porn you’ve ever seen before.
This has 2 crucial applications. First, obviously this is a practical example of how to role-play domination, discipline, name-calling, objectification, and humiliation, in the deepest loving way.

Second, once this manner of speaking to your lover, or potential love interest(who you met 90 seconds ago perhaps), is internalized and expressed freely, your success(pull rate) will sky-rocket.
(Julian Blanc does this quite well, although I’ve never seen him have sex.) But his style of commanding with unquestioning conviction, practically convinces even me to spread my legs for him. It boggles my mind to think that he didn’t learn this game style initially from kinky role play(as the Dom).

Please join us as Liv and Myself will have hot nasty sex like you’ve never seen, but with our clothes on. Our words will arouse probably you, but definitely any girl you meet in the future, several orders of magnitude more than actual naked sweaty fucking.


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