Ethical Pick Up

When I practice the fine art of Game, I take extra care to make sure it’s done ethically.  Consent is never violated.

Would it be far fetched to presume that one of the major underlying factors that cause rape and assault, is sexual frustration?  Deep, scarring sexual frustration that eventually leads to a psychotic breakdown, that causes men to lash out.  I see a pick up artist as being the polar extreme opposite of a rapist.

We meticulously study what makes a woman happy, how to genuinely arouse her.  A rapist could care less what his victim is thinking about.

After practicing thousands of approaches, I am so fluid and calm, that I only get one of two reactions:

An enthusiastic YES(phone number, kiss, sex, etc.)

Or a rejection with a huge warm smile on her face:

“I’m sorry, I have a boyfriend, but thank you!”

I cherish the courage that game has brought me.  I put so many smiles on so many faces around me.

In fact, some feminist thinkers have inspired me to deeply explore the concept of consent, and it has been profoundly enlightening.

Some feminists trouble me.  Some inspire me.  The incredible Clarisse Thorn wrote on the subject of Ethical Pick Up.  She mentioned how certain tactics like freeze-outs and negs are manipulative.  This of course depends on how you interpret those concepts.  I am however equally disgusted by the manipulative versions of them.  She mentions Mark Manson and how she likes him.  Indeed, his version of game really sticks out as being very ethical.

I often wonder why so many pick up artists are so secretive about their craft?  Maybe because it has so many opponents, some of whom are feminists.  In rare cases it’s because those pick up artists know that what they do is not exactly ethical.  Practicing ethical game makes it much easier to come out as a pick up artist.

I have no shame in what I do.

I always prefer to give a woman an ‘out’.  Beyond merely explicitly saying ‘no’, if she even implies it, I will gladly move on.  Those that are receptive recognize this mature, non-needy quality in me, and appreciate it immensely.

I prefer to use as few tactics as possible.  I approach.  I state my intentions honestly.  And then I just act natural.  That’s all there is to my game.

Let’s all make an extra effort to make sure our game is ethical.  Then we can proudly announce to the world what we do, and the world will soon recognize that it is a noble art.


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