The demographics of Pickup, Polyamory, Kink.

Pickup, polyamory, kink.  My three favorite things in life.  To me they are inseparable like physics, biology and chemistry.  If I had to give up any one of these three core foundations of my sexuality, I would drown myself in a toilet.  Wow, life would really suck.

How could I possibly maintain a polyamarous relationship with an attractive woman, who has horny men orbiting around her at all times, if I am unable to approach my own potential mates whenever I feel like it?  How could I possibly allow myself to approach girls, offering to whisk them away to my sexual fairy tale land, if the proposed result of the sexual interaction is vanilla sex that will suffocate them with boredom?  How could I subscribe myself to the BDSM underworld, and give up the fast paced life of my cities thriving nightlife scene, saturated with normal -looking- people, which happens to include thousands of drop dead gorgeous girls?

Some pick up guys are into polyamory, MLTR(multiple long term relationships).  By definition they would have to be honest about the existence of other women in their lives(otherwise it’s not polyamory, it’s cheating) but often times these girlfriends of the pick up artists are not actively encouraged to date other men.  Anyone versed in the fine craft of polyamory, knows that this should be done not merely for the triviality of being ‘fair’, but because if they don’t these young charmers will miss out on the glorious ego destroying and limitlessness inducing emotion of compersion.

The synergy between my three tenets of existence, is undeniable.  It makes each portion 10, 20, maybe 75 times more powerful.

What astounds me however, is how rarely these three worlds overlap.  Strictly in terms of social circles.  Well, I’ll concede this:

polyamory and kink these days are almost 100% correlated in terms of social circles.  On rare occasions I’ll meet monogamous fetish freaks, like Mr. Christian Gray, but that happens about 5% of the time.  Then perhaps in California I’ve stumbled upon hippie polyamorists, who are into ‘sensual spirituality’ and think that kink is wrong and creepy.  But this is very rare.

However, in my pickup community, I am almost always the only BDSM enthusiast.  Worse yet, at fetish gatherings I can smell the implicit stigma against my studies of the esoteric arts of seduction, so strongly that I feel the need to keep it to myself.  That’s right, these are people that would not even bat an eyelash if I told them that i’m into eating flesh.  But if i tell them that I systematically approach women and try to seduce them, they would call me a misogynist.

All I can say on this topic for now is that, this disparity between social circles, is FUCKING WEIRD.

Perhaps this signifies that I have a duty to my fellow man(woman) to enlighten the world about this exponentially explosive 3-way synergy.

At the very least I should write blog posts about specific interactions between any 2 of these 3 reactive spiritual chemicals, and how they’ve filled my soul with a brimming abundance of meaning and satisfaction.

But really, it’s just weird.


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