I Pledge My Life to Fight in the Name of Sex – Part 3

In Part 2 of this series, I told the story of Wilhelm Reich, and how he linked all of the worlds aggression and mutual enslavement to sexual repression.  I began to share the rolling snowball of realizations that his story sprouted within me.  We left off where I masturbated for the first time:

White stuff just sort of came out.  I had NO IDEA this would happen.  My 12 year old simple mind had no grasp on the psychological mechanics here, but I was not only ashamed, I was TERRIFFIED.  I went to school knowing, without a doubt, that everyone would somehow know that I masturbated.  I ended up crapping myself in fear.

The mechanics of this are simple.  I did something  that felt incredibly good, that my sexual thoughts and occasionally erect penis had been hinting at for years, that NO ONE ever talked about.  Feeling helplessly ashamed was inevitable.

Some have protested: “But I don’t think sex is shameful or dirty, I think it’s beautiful and profound.  Even in the bible it says that it is a holy deed.”  Well if you believe that, then the conventions of society have been implanted on you for so long, that you no longer notice the blatant reality of what’s happening.  We still have sex in private.  Films that depict sex are called pornography and there are a hundred different active groups and ideologies that scorn pornography for a 100 different reasons.  Would it be a stretch that society’s view of pornography being unwholesome, may just be yet another expression of our deeply ingrained repressions, and perhaps muscular tensions?

Now back to the 1960’s.  Many people today, even those with dreadlocks and ‘Sustainable’ stickers on their hybrid cars, don’t know the whole story of the 1960’s.  The #1 characteristic that everyone was shocked by, about the hippies of the 1960’s, is that they engaged in orgies as a social function.  Much like we go to football games or PTA meetings today.  This was happening at colleges all over the country in the 1960’s.  Scratch that, all over the world, in France and Scandinavia in particular.  Interestingly, the swinger/sex party custom has not quite fizzled away in parts of Europe, and curiously the American city of San Francisco.

Sex by its nature is the exact opposite of an argument.  Arguments are competitive, a zero sum game.  There can only be one winner in an argument.  In particular ideological arguments.  Or how about ideological wars? Korea, Vietnam, the Russian Revolution, etc. etc.  It’s either them, or us that will benefit from the interaction. Never both.  This is why arguing never spreads any social change.

Sex on the other hand, is by its very definition cooperative.  Or synergistic.  The more party A enjoys it, the more part B will enjoy it, and so on and so on.

Both founding psychologists and Dale Carnegie have shown us that the only way one opinion ever transfers onto another person, is when the two people are feeling very friendly, cooperative feelings toward one another.  They are in rapport.

Sex defeats all enemies not by fighting them, but by merging with them.

So can you imagine an old fashioned clueless redneck, in the 1960’s, stumbling upon a hippie orgy happening in a park?  And then the hippies invite him in to have sex with all of them.  Group sex by itself drastically challenges a person’s ingrained insecurities and tendencies for possessiveness and low self-esteem.  But on top of this, these people are dressed different, and have these new beliefs that they want to share.  Oh and they gave you LSD which makes any experience ingrain much deeper into your memory and psyche.

Hopefully the reader is beginning to see how the 1960’s movement spread so quickly and drastically across the world.  And then spawned women’s liberation, civil rights, contraceptives, the right to abort a baby.  Even de-colonization of the subordinates of the great European imperial forces.   There were prison reforms.  Drastic new approaches to art, literature, music.  It was a renaissance.

What if the underlying force, the mental and emotional energy that drove these sweeping changes, was in actuality caused by a spreading cascade of group sex sessions?

Well one thing’s for sure, when the hippies stopped having orgies, they incidentally also sold out.  The sex party movement instead was appropriated by the ‘swingers’, who are much more grimy and hedonistic, and all of the radical visionaries regressed back to nuclear monogamous families.  Now it’s a meaningless movement.

I couldn’t even begin to get into the much older historical example of pre Judeo-Christian religious practices that often involved ceremonial sex as a form of worship.  C’mon reader, is it that strange really?  I mean sex is utterly amazing!  People tend to scream “Oh my God” during orgasm!  What if sex is the act that brings you closest to God?

In older religions mass was celebrated with big orgies.  Many of those old holidays were renamed when Christians took over and changed all the rules, yet they couldn’t pull off taking away the holidays and rituals.  This is why Easter has symbols of fertility, the bunnies, the eggs, because this was once a fertility festival, where people prayed to god(s), by having sex! Openly!  Because it’s amazing and beautiful!

And yet today’s society is so arrogant and sure of itself that it has achieved a state of truly rational, logical, and scientifically backed means of organizing itself.  Yet in this super reasonable democratic society, if I go outside to celebrate the act of love, with my beloved, for everyone to see, I will be jailed for perhaps 10 years!

And this is completely arbitrary!

For me, the Sex Positive movement is the struggle to somehow persuade society to flip that taboo switch on sexuality and the act of sex.  Maybe at first by being able to talk about it openly, to stop referring to pornography as pornography, and instead films that show sex, which is all they are.  Then include in our mandatory education for children, not just how abstinence is the best way to prevent STDs, but how to have sex! How to have good sex!  How to have sex without feeling guilty about it!  How to give a good blowjob! Extra credit for deep throating!  How to use dildos and vibrators on your girlfriend, how to tie her up if that’s what she wants.

All of this should be mandatory education.  Now I’d be bordering on enticing criminal behavior if I were to suggest immediately implementing what I see as the eventual goal.  But the eventual goal is the Bonobo Monkey.  Where sex becomes every bit as wholesome and openly celebrated as going to Disneyland and celebrating Christmas.

Trust Me.  If we could make this happen, then society would completely change.  War may be caused by sexual frustration!  The need for accumulating massive wealth and unnecessary symbols of social class, might just be compensations for what we really want, which is a nice, long, toe clenching orgasm.  Which sadly I must cite my observational experience, very few people, men or women, have ever experienced.

Reich actually advocated for serial monogamy, but I will revise that one minor detail of his manifesto, and say that if we could organize our social circles around orgies and sex parties, instead of bars and gangs and drug use, the problem of mass loneliness and envy and random violence would come to a grinding halt.

I pledge my life to using all of my faculties, my resources, my creative ideas to helping to bring forth this change in our world, because after sampling dozens of different approaches to fixing the problems of the world, this is the one and only that makes sense. And it explains everything.



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