There’s no point in living if you have boring sex.

These four books have each changed the world, but what do they all have in common?I stand here in a small enchanted spot that stands at the intersection between my favorite esoteric realms of sexuality: PUA, BDSM, Polyamory, Tantra/Sex Magick, Radical Sex Positivism.

Initially through practical experience, and then eventually through abstract contemplation, I’ve found that none of these movements, by itself, can shake the foundation of the sexual earth we live in.  But at their intersection a volcano of social change is waiting to errupt.  This post will focus specifically on the joining of PUA and poly/kink.

Socially speaking, with rare exception, these two groups don’t like each other.  A lot of PUA’s live by more traditional male gender roles and they would not be open to a completely heterosexual Eiffel tower.  The poly/kink community somehow got infused with various political agenda and affiliation, and sees PUA as exploitative towards the repressed female gender.(note: I will never discuss politics)

Personally, I don’t see the point of picking up and seducing girls if I’m just going to fuck them like a timid lights-out sex scene in a romantic comedy.  I once only knew of normal sex, and couldn’t fathom there was anything else out there.  It’s as though my entire life the only food I was ever given was white wonder bread.  And then one day I stumble upon a 7 course Thanksgiving meal.

Same with sex, I once use to think of sex as an itch that needed a daily scratching.  I’d give it a good scratching, roll over and fall asleep  Then one day came the triple decker bacon swiss melt monster burger of BDSM.


“Sex without pain is like food without taste” – The Marquis DeSade

That’s an insidious quote because it will grow with each and every day: initially just another bundle of syntax. Eventually  a paradigm shift(unless you really are into boring sex).  You’ll see eventually that pain, both physical and psychological, inflicted consensualy and playfully, can create the ultimate bond of unbreakable trust, between two utterly unequal parties.

And as for polyamory and swinging.  Pick-up reveals to us the notion of abundance, deposing an illusion of scarcity.  It is like going from being homeless and starving to Donald Trump in one instant.  The same feeling of becoming rich overnight happens when the outmoded paradigm of monogamy is abandoned.  Love is infinite.

Besides, I just don’t see much of a point in perfecting my seduction skills, if it’s not to persuade huge groups of beautiful people to fuck like fusing atoms in an exploding supernova.  When ever in doubt as to whether your sex life is truly fulfilling, stop for a moment and consider that porn is a carefully built tunnel leading straight into your truest desires.  About half the porn you see involves threesome, foursomes, gang bangs, reverse gang bangs, and all sorts of adventure.

In PUA we learn to seek out adventure, danger, and embrace that which pains and scares us.  Once achieved we feel superhuman.

BDSM vs. Vanilla.

Polyamory vs. Monogamy.

Where does the adventure lay?

You know you want it.

Check out the inverted version of this article Polyamorous relationships suck for guys with no pick up skills

-The four books on the right have each changed the world on their own.  I think throwing these four into a radically conceptual concoction is how things REALLY get interesting.

Fifty Shades Of Grey E.L. James

The Game Neil Strauss

The Ethical Slut Janet Hardy and Dossie Easton

The Book of the Law Aleister Crowley

note: they are not necessarily the greatest works of , their respective genre’s but they each have their spot on the thrones of cultural influence.

These four books have each changed the world, but what do they all have in common?


3 thoughts on “There’s no point in living if you have boring sex.”

  1. I didn’t know PUA adherents tended toward advocating traditional gender roles, I wonder if a PUA movement could have even existed to the degree it does these days back when things were more “traditional”.

    I don’t have a problem with any sort of gender role arrangement however if a role is enforced it makes me wonder if there is some element of revenge motive among those who are enforcing it.

    At this point do you consider kink to be an essential seasoning to be added to ones sex-life?

    Tantra is like the kama sutra right? I don’t know much about sex magick but heard a lot about it.


    1. Never outright stated, but most PUA’s strive for a one-sided poly arrangement. They want to have multiple girlfriends and be honest with them about it(which makes it poly and not cheating) But I rarely hear of PUA’s striving to share these women with other men. It’s a shame because compersion is one of the quickest ways to perfect inner-game.


    2. Regarding kink as an essential seasoning, it was actually DeSade’s quote that pushed me over the edge into believing exactly that. Vanilla sex just sucks. Period.

      Yes Tantra is an amalgamation of spirituality and sex.


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